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VEM PRA CA est le nouveau titre de Charel (Bahia), Viuva et Isaackito avec son  trombone et son Mobile Studio.

2024, Charel, Isaackito and ToDanada for a new title Tempo de Meu Avo with Studio Mobile in Bahia.

2024, Ferdinand Babinet's appearance in concert at the Sunday Nautes in Paris gives the meeting with Isaackito. They recorded Ferdinand Babinet's first title together with a personalized version of MAKE IT RAIN with Isaacackito's mobile studio.

2024, Teu Sabor is the new title on an instrumental by Isaackito with his Studio Mobile and by Charel who finds in Bahia two rappers from his native district in Itaparica Mc Nathan and Mc Igor Play who are taking over, the two young people stand out in the street battles in the capital Salvador de Bahia.

2023, Refugio
Charel, Singer and Guitarist from Banda De Role (Bahia), meeting Isaacackito, Trombonist, Producer with Malka Family and his Mobile studio (Paris) for a new title REFUGIO…

2023, OGUNYE
Isaackito with his mobile studio for a new encounter with Charel (Bahia) and Todanada. 2023

2023, Abyssal

Isaackito and the mobile studio at home, in Paris with Naeli (Author-Composter) on vocals and guitar.

Abyssal is the first track from his upcoming new album.


2023, Isaackito with his mobile studio for a new encounter with Brazil and Capoeira (Bahia).

On a new title by Isaackito, Mestre Mandela and Fubuia (Masters of Capoeira Angola) give their sweet voices, accompanied by  Naëli’s guitars.

2022, Isaackito (Malka Family trombonist) and his mobile studio, on the road to Chiclana de la Frontera (Southern Andalusia) to meet Joze Jaramago (Singer and guitarist). "Marie C" is second single of their meeting... 2023
2022, Isaackito, Producer and Trombonist of the legendary P.Funk group Malka Family, on the road again with his mobile studio, meeting Fubuia on vocals (Bahia), Gil C. Freak (Paris) on trumpet and Gilda (Paris ) to vocals. 2022


2022, Gitana / Isaackito feat. Joze Jaramago (Andalucia).

Isaackito (Trombonist of Malka Family) and his mobile studio, on the way to Chiclana de la Frontera (Southern Andalusia) to meet Joze Jaramengo (Singer and guitarist). “Gitana” is the first title of their meeting ... 2022

Tempo Calme, Album Madioko (Isaac & Dany'o) bringing together part of their meetings and their travels with the madioko mobile studio. 2020


2021, On the title Iziwa, Isaackito invites Gil C Freak (Malka Family) on the trumpet in Paris. 2022



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