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Isaackito with his mobile studio for a new encounter with Charel (Bahia) et Todanada. 2023


Isaackito et le studio mobile à domicile, à Paris avec Naeli (Auteur-Composteur) au chant et à la guitare. 

Abyssal est le 1er titre de son nouvel album à venir.

Isaackito with his mobile studio for a new encounter with Brazil and Capoeira (Bahia).

On a new title by Isaackito, Mestre Mandela and Fubuia (Masters of Capoeira Angola) give their sweet voices, accompanied by  Naëli’s guitars.

Isaackito (Malka Family trombonist) and his mobile studio, on the road to Chiclana de la Frontera (Southern Andalusia) to meet Joze Jaramago (Singer and guitarist). "Marie C" is second single of their meeting... 2023
Isaackito, Producer and Trombonist of the legendary P.Funk group Malka Family, on the road again with his mobile studio, meeting Fubuia on vocals (Bahia), Gil C. Freak (Paris) on trumpet and Gilda (Paris ) to vocals. 2022


Gitana / Isaackito feat. Joze Jaramago (Andaloucia).
Isaackito (Tromboniste de Malka Family) et son studio mobile, en route pour Chiclana de la Frontera (Sud de l'Andalousie) à la rencontre de Joze Jaramengo (Chanteur et guitariste). "Gitana" est le premier titre de leur rencontre ... 2022


Tempo Calme, Album Madioko ( Isaac & Dany'o) reunissant une partie de leurs rencontres et de leurs voyages avec le madioko mobile studio. 2020


On the title Iziwa, Isaackito invites Gil C Freak (Malka Family) on the trumpet in Paris. 2022




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